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Over the course of a creative partnership that ran from 1987 to 1998, Larry Bond and I wrote five bestselling military and political thrillers.  All of them are available in paperback.  The novels have also been translated into a wide range of languages: Italian, Spanish, Dutch, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Hungarian, and Czech.

The Second Korean War has begun.  The Third World War may not be far behind. Red Phoenix (1989) shows a modern war fought on all fronts: land, sea, and air. Soldiers fight for Korea's snow-covered hills and frozen rice paddies.  F-16s race into dogfights across the 38th Parallel. Ultramodern submarines glide into battle in the otherworldly silence of the deep Pacific. And from the hushed, anxious corridors of power in Washington, to those in Moscow and Beijing, the growing war spreads its explosive economic and political ripples to Europe, Japan, and the world.

"A superb storyteller...Larry Bond seems to know everything about warfare, from the grunt in foxhole to the fighter pilots far above the earth....Red Phoenix is wonderfully entertaining and deserves to be the bestseller that it is." — New York Times Book Review

The world is no longer dominated by two superpowers, and the theater of war has shifted to the Third World—but with a deadly uncertainty never known before.  In Vortex (1991), the flashpoint is South Africa, where a repressive extreme-right regime has catapulted to power, determined to crush the slightest opposition.  The result is a conflict that will rage across the whole of southern Africa, across deserts, across the veldt, in the cities, at sea, and in the air. It will realize many of mankind's worst fears, including the full-scale use of both chemical and nuclear weapons. It will raise the nightmare specter of race war, global economic collapse, and Armageddon itself.  As chaos spreads across an entire continent, the United States mobilizes for a military campaign it cannot afford to lose.

"Displays a knowledge of modern weapon and war that can only be described as state of the art." — Stephen Coonts

In Cauldron (1993), the newly liberated states of eastern Europe are struggling to rebuild after decades of communist misrule. As old nationalistic hatreds boil to the surface, there are some nations eager to exploit their new economic power to satisfy age-old and long-suppressed imperial ambitions—using military force if necessary.  While a new wave of atrocity and massacre ripples across the Balkans, and Russia slides further into anarchy, France and Germany seize their chance to establish themselves jointly as a single superpower dominating the whole of Europe.

But three small countries stand defiantly in the way of this new tyranny. As tensions soar, America and Britain are forced to intervene, and northern Europe explodes in a war that neither side wants, but neither side can afford to lose...

"Larry Bond pushes us off a cliff, and we take that long, exhilarating fall straight to his smashing conclusion...Cauldron is more than Bond's extraordinary description of a technologically sophisticated war.  He has a powerful story to tell, and he uses flesh and blood characters to tell it...stunning...sweeping." — Book Page

The Enemy Within (1996) asks a single, horrifying question: What if a rogue nation launched a war against the United States within its own borders?

America's largest cities are in flame. Its majestic landmarks are in ruins. Electronic sabotage cripples its far-flung communications systems.  The first waves of a meticulously orchestrated international terrorist campaign have achieved a stunning and terrifying success.

As grim national leaders and intelligence services strive to search out and destroy the terrorists; as armies both with and without uniforms mobilize to win the ultimate unconventional war, two men—once friends, now bitter enemies—race to a decisive confrontation...

"Nonstop action...Reader's will get more than their money's worth out of this one." — Chicago Tribune

"The most accurate, chilling novel about terrorism ever written. When you read The Enemy Within, you are reading the future." — Neil C. Livingstone, author of The Cult of Counterterrorism

As Day of Wrath (1998) opens, a plane carrying an American arms inspection team mysteriously crashes in Russia. The warning shot has been fired. A bold gambit to destroy America as a world power is well underway.

Its architect is Prince Ibrahim al Saud, a member of the Middle East's most influential royal family and the brilliant head of a multi-billion-dollar global conglomerate. He also heads a world-wide alliance of terrorists. With his vast wealth, he bankrolls and directs the most lethal terrorist groups on earth to launch the most murderous attack ever conceived.

Against Ibrahim and his allies stand two veteran American operatives readers will remember from The Enemy Within: U.S. Army Colonel Peter Thorn and FBI Special Agent Helen Gray.  Together, they follow the faint traces of Ibrahim's scheme from Russia, across Europe, and finally home to America—all while on the run from the very people they're trying to protect...

"Day of Wrath is Larry Bond at his spellbinding best. Happily for his fans, he continues his tradition of high adventure crafted by a master storyteller." — Clive Cussler

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